Magnum in a TUB!

Magnum – now in tubs!

BREAKING NEWS: all your summer prayers have been answered; Magnums now come in a tub. And if summer is anything like last weekend, we’re in for a very ice cream heavy season. Hoorah. Everyone knows the best thing about eating a Magnum is breaking through that crackable chocolate, so I’m pleased to report that there is a fantastic¬†chocolatey layer surrounding the ice cream on every … Continue reading Magnum – now in tubs!

Raspberry and white chocolate ice cream

Raspberry and white chocolate ice cream

If you’re lucky enough to have an ice cream maker, the chances are that you already know the sheer joy of proper homemade ice cream. It’s so much better than regular supermarket stuff – the creamy texture is far better and you don’t have any of the questionable preservatives involved with factory made stuff. It’s just good, honest ice cream. Unfortunately ice cream makers often … Continue reading Raspberry and white chocolate ice cream

Easy lemon ice cream

Easy lemon ice cream

No-churn lemon ice cream – the perfect dinner party saviour! This recipe defies most of the laws of ice cream making and it does not need churning, turning, or a fancy ice cream maker. It’s basically the easiest recipe in the world and yet equally one of the most delicious. It’s outrageously creamy. And seriously zingy. I’ve pinched it off my soon to be mother-in-law … Continue reading Easy lemon ice cream

Chocolate? Meet coffee.

Chocolate and coffee are two of my very favourite treats. When done well, both can be dark, rich, and positively sexy. I’ve got a beautiful new coffee machine from De’longhi, so I’m now enjoying amazing espressos and lattes at home. It’s also providing an amazing opportunity to scoff chocolate with its natural partner – a hot cup of joe. My current favourite thing in the … Continue reading Chocolate? Meet coffee.

Creamy Greek Yoghurt Ice Cream

This rich and tangy ice cream has just the right amount of zing to set off my favorite cardamom poached pears or a spicy apple crumble. ¬†Greek yoghurt is also a rich source of protein which as we all know, keeps you fuller for longer and means that the saintly version in particular could even be considered part of a healthy breakfast. Ingredients for sinners … Continue reading Creamy Greek Yoghurt Ice Cream


Ice Cream Sundaes

This recipe is one my mum used to make for me when I was little, and is an absolute life saver if you want to entertain children at a dinner party, barbecue or summer play date. It’s easy peasy and is a fantastic way of introducing children to the world of making food! You will need: 100g chocolate (preferably 75% minimum cocoa solids) 1 small … Continue reading Ice Cream Sundaes