Honey and balsamic baked peaches

Honey and balsamic baked peaches may sound a bit funny but they’re divine! This is another recipe from my boyfriend’s mum. I made it while we were on holiday in France as the peaches there are amazing in August and September. It’s really delicious as a light pudding and it would be a lovely post dinner party dessert. Serves 6 You will need: 6 peaches or … Continue reading Honey and balsamic baked peaches

Churros with chocolate sauce

Churros are SO ridiculously delicious. They’re Spanish originally but have been adopted all over the place as a beloved snack and dessert. They’re easier to make than you might think and there are loads of ways to do it. This is the simplest way I’ve come across – you just make a simple dough which you then pipe directly into a deep fat fryer or … Continue reading Churros with chocolate sauce

Salted caramel meringue sandwiches

I absolutely love meringues – they’re so much fun to make and they’re really not difficult. The wonderful Amy of She Cooks, She Eats makes the most incredible meringues (seriously, check out her recipe for chocolate meringues) and it was she that inspired me to get the beaters out and make some of my own. These are lovely to serve to friends coming for tea … Continue reading Salted caramel meringue sandwiches

Chocolate? Meet coffee.

Chocolate and coffee are two of my very favourite treats. When done well, both can be dark, rich, and positively sexy. I’ve got a beautiful new coffee machine from De’longhi, so I’m now enjoying amazing espressos and lattes at home. It’s also providing an amazing opportunity to scoff chocolate with its natural partner – a hot cup of joe. My current favourite thing in the … Continue reading Chocolate? Meet coffee.

Stem Ginger Brownie

Stem Ginger Brownies

I am a bit obsessed with brownies, and I am forever trying new versions. My sister came to stay recently and she loves ginger, so vouila – stem ginger brownies! I served them warm with ice cream and they were lovely. They’re very fudgey due to the ginger syrup, which makes them nice and moist. You will need: 200g dark chocolate, roughly chopped 180g unsalted … Continue reading Stem Ginger Brownies

Heavenly Raspberry Brownies

I had an amazing raspberry brownie while I was in New Zealand (from an AMAZING coffee shop called Joe’s Garage – if you go to NZ, find your nearest one and get their pikelets (pancakes) for breakfast!). When I got back, I just had to have a go at making my own! You can use fresh raspberries (which are better) but frozen raspberries will do … Continue reading Heavenly Raspberry Brownies

Chocolate and Baileys Bread and Butter Pudding

This is a recipe I stole and bastardised from a Delia favourite. I’ve fiddled with all the quantities and I do the bread sizing a bit differently, plus I’ve swapped out the rum for Baileys. :) 10 slices of white bread, with the crusts cut off (I actually bought that bread with no crusts designed for overly fussy children) 150g dark chocolate (at least 70% … Continue reading Chocolate and Baileys Bread and Butter Pudding

Lemon Syllabub

Delicious, easy Old English dessert. Perfect for summer! 1 lemon 150 mls of sweet sherry 2 tablespoons brandy 50 grams caster sugar 300 mls double cream Sprigs of mint for decorating Grate lemon rind finely and squeeze juice. Place in a bowl and add sugar, brandy and sherry. Stir until sugar has dissolved. Whisk cream until it forms soft peaks. Gently fold cream into lemon mixture. … Continue reading Lemon Syllabub

Vanilla Bean and Baileys Velvet Cheesecake

I invented this recipe a few months ago when I went a bit off piste. I had a great plan to invent something totally new, and I wanted to use the new Vanilla Bean Paste I’d been sent, so on World Baking Day, I created the Vanilla Bean and Baileys Velvet Cheesecake. I use the word velvet because the texture is incredibly velvet-y. It’s not … Continue reading Vanilla Bean and Baileys Velvet Cheesecake

Rhubarb and Chocolate Cakes

These cakes are little light vanilla sponges filled with sweet rhubarb and iced with a chocolate ganache topping. I know that ganache is generally made with dark chocolate but as we STILL have Easter eggs on top of the fridge I am loathe to buy more chocolate so bye bye two Smarties eggs, hello lovely cakes. Ingredients (Makes 12): For the cakes: 125g softened butter 125g … Continue reading Rhubarb and Chocolate Cakes