Raspberry and white chocolate ice cream

Raspberry and white chocolate ice cream

If you’re lucky enough to have an ice cream maker, the chances are that you already know the sheer joy of proper homemade ice cream. It’s so much better than regular supermarket stuff – the creamy texture is far better and you don’t have any of the questionable preservatives involved with factory made stuff. It’s just good, honest ice cream. Unfortunately ice cream makers often … Continue reading Raspberry and white chocolate ice cream

Pistachio, ginger, and cranberry chocolate bark

Pistachio, ginger, and cranberry chocolate bark

I’ve been aware of chocolate bark for a while now but it wasn’t until Lauren wrote about about it on Homemade that I thought about making some. As luck would have it, I had a day with Lauren and Amy in the diary so we decided to make some together and film it for Amy’s YouTube channel. The great thing about chocolate bark is that anything … Continue reading Pistachio, ginger, and cranberry chocolate bark

Dairy-free chocolate ganache

I taught my lovely friend Amita how to make macarons yesterday. She doesn’t eat dairy so she’d asked if we could make some dairy-free ones. Macaron shells – made of ground almonds, sugar, and egg whites – are naturally dairy and gluten free, though in all my recipes, there’s dairy in the filling. It was time to do some experimenting and come up with an … Continue reading Dairy-free chocolate ganache

Chocolate Guinness bundt cake

God love whoever thought to put Guinness in a cake. It goes so beautifully with chocolate – it adds a delicious savoury richness and the most wonderful rich black colour to the sponge. I love a good bundt cake, and I really think the fluffy white cream cheese frosting looks wonderful in contrast to the black cake. This recipe is adapted from a Hummingbird Bakery … Continue reading Chocolate Guinness bundt cake

Chocolate and vanilla macarons

You can’t beat a good homemade macaron. My all time favourite are hazelnut praline macarons – a recipe I got from my dear friend Clare of the Little Bear Cakery. She taught me everything I know about macarons, and I credit my continuing success with them to her utterly brilliant recipe below. I made these ones with a very dark chocolate ganache filling which goes … Continue reading Chocolate and vanilla macarons

Chocolate chip cookies

I’ve been fiddled with another recipe for chocolate chip cookies in my continuing quest for the perfect chewy cookie. These are pretty darn good, if I don’t say so myself. I’ve taken inspiration from a recipe on a cookie book, and this one is influenced by a recipe on BBC Good Food too. I think the trick to a really good cookie is to chill … Continue reading Chocolate chip cookies

Baileys melting chocolate puddings

Baileys melting chocolate puddings are one of my favourite go to puddings! I’ve shamelessly adapted this recipe from one of Delia’s (which I also highly recommend) and I’ve added one of my favourite flavours – Baileys!  It’s a lovely dessert to serve at a dinner party because you can make it in advance (you can even freeze them!) and it’s pretty impressive if you get … Continue reading Baileys melting chocolate puddings

Dreamiest Chocolate Cake – Miranda Gore Browne

Following our interview and cookbook giveaway with Great British Bake Off’s Miranda Gore Browne, we’ve got one of her recipes to share with you! As I mentioned yesterday, Miranda is championing the Dream Tea campaign by Dreams Come True, a charity which makes wishes come true for ill children and teenagers. To host your own Dream Tea, check out the Dreams Come True website. The Awesome Women … Continue reading Dreamiest Chocolate Cake – Miranda Gore Browne

Stem ginger chocolate flapjacky whacky doodas

Stem ginger chocolate flapjacks

Flapjacks were always a feature in my lunchbox when I was little. They’re one of my favourite treats, because they’re scrummy, easy to make, and cheap. They’re also nicely filling, so they make a wonderful afternoon or mid morning snack. They’re a good one to make with kids as they require little effort and no hot stoves. Just be careful when you take the bowl out of … Continue reading Stem ginger chocolate flapjacks

Chocolate raspberry sundaes

This is a bit cheeky, because it’s so easy that it can hardly be called a recipe but here we go anyway…! May I present chocolate and raspberry sundaes! These are great for a quick and easy pudding – perfect for weeknights if you fancy something sweet. For 2-3 people You will need: 100g chocolate (preferably 75% minimum cocoa solids) 1 small tin of evaporated milk (170g)* … Continue reading Chocolate raspberry sundaes