Spring vegetable orzo

This is one of my new favourite recipes! It’s so fresh and delicious, and it’s really healthy – perfect for spring! It’s a little bit like risotto but it’s got a slightly different texture, and it’s really filling so you don’t need a huge portion. It’s best when topped with lots of parmesan (or a vegetarian alternative) and served with a large glass of white … Continue reading Spring vegetable orzo

Beetroot Hummous

Guest post from the amazing Clare of the Little Bear Cakery! I have an amazing local greengrocer. There’s nothing I love more on a Saturday morning than browsing the shelves of delicious fresh produce. Every time I go I seem to find something new and this week’s discovery was individual fresh beetroot that they have ready-cooked for you. It seemed like the perfect ingredient for … Continue reading Beetroot Hummous

How to make pizza dough

I love homemade pizza – it’s SO much fun to make and – if you start with a good base – you can end up with a really fabulous meal. I’ve been working on my own pizza dough recipe for a while now and I have finally cracked it! My recipe is easy to make, doesn’t require any great bread skills, and produces a fantastic … Continue reading How to make pizza dough

Grilled halloumi wraps

I was set a challenge by Westfield Stratford City recently, to come up with my own version of one of their restaurant’s specialities. You can read all about the challenge and how it went on the Evening Standard website. In the meantime, here’s a quick video of me making the grilled halloumi wraps! Recipe below. If you’re really dedicated, there’s a much longer version of the video … Continue reading Grilled halloumi wraps

Curried lentil soup

Curried lentil – or mulligatawny – soup is my favourite soup ever. I make a huge vat of soup every Sunday night to eat throughout the week and this one is just the best. It’s rich, spicy, and super filling, especially if you serve it with rice, which is traditional. Mulligatawny is usually a chicken soup, but the version on this recipe is vegetarian. It’s … Continue reading Curried lentil soup

Butternut squash and ginger soup

Soup season is upon us! I’m a big fan of using butternut squash – it makes a wonderfully smooth soup. Butternut squash and ginger soup is a lovely warming soup and it’s beautifully vibrant. For 8-10 servings, you need: 2 butternut squashes a large onion at least a litre and a half of vegetable stock 1 inch cube of fresh ginger 4 cloves of garlic Preheat … Continue reading Butternut squash and ginger soup

Pumpkin risotto with balsamic reduction

I’ve recently come back from a trip to Naples, in southern Italy. The Campania region is known for its buffalo mozzarella and its limoncello, but the flavours in this recipe come from the Northern Italian regions of Emilia Romagna, Lombardi and Veneto. These three regions, collectively known as the Unesco Quadrilateral, are the birthplace of Italian classics including Parma ham, Parmesan and Grana Padano cheese, … Continue reading Pumpkin risotto with balsamic reduction

Slow cooked mixed squash and wild garlic medley

This mixed squash and wild garlic medley recipe is perfect for slow cookers – delicious, hearty, and healthy too! I love using a slow cooker – they are so effortless! And you can get so much done while your meal is cooking away happily in the kitchen. This recipe comes from slow cooker kings, Crock Pot. Serves:  4-6 Cooking time: 4 hours high (this dish is … Continue reading Slow cooked mixed squash and wild garlic medley