View of Camps Bay from the top of Table Mountain

South Africa travel tips – Cape Town

We visited South Africa in November and had the trip of a lifetime. I’ve been recommending it to virtually everyone so thought it was high time I write up some recommendations for anyone who’s thinking of visiting. I’ve outlined what we did below and over the next few posts I will cover Cape Town, Franschhoek, Hermanus, Wilderness, Knysna, Plettenberg Bay, and our safari. I’ll include … Continue reading South Africa travel tips – Cape Town

Chocolate chip pancakes at Clinton St

New York food recommendations

I love New York. There’s a reason it’s on all the t-shirts. Following my quick visit to some dear friends in May, I have written a quick round up of all my New York food recommendations. I planned most of our itinerary around food (of course) so some serious research went into this list. That said, I only had three and a half days, so … Continue reading New York food recommendations

Magnum in a TUB!

Magnum – now in tubs!

BREAKING NEWS: all your summer prayers have been answered; Magnums now come in a tub. And if summer is anything like last weekend, we’re in for a very ice cream heavy season. Hoorah. Everyone knows the best thing about eating a Magnum is breaking through that crackable chocolate, so I’m pleased to report that there is a fantastic chocolatey layer surrounding the ice cream on every … Continue reading Magnum – now in tubs!

A long weekend in Iceland – some tips!

My husband and I have just come back from a long weekend in Iceland, which was absolutely brilliant! We wrote up some tips for a friend who’s going along later in the year, so I thought they might be worth sharing with you all in case you’re planning to go! Hit me up if you have any additional recommendations. :) General tips We stayed in Hotel … Continue reading A long weekend in Iceland – some tips!

Our wedding! Photo by Mister Phill.

13 things I learned while planning a wedding

Let me begin with the disclaimer that I am by no means a wedding expert. The only thing that qualifies me to write this (ridiculously long) post is that I got married a few months ago and I learned a few things along the way. A wedding is an intensely personal experience – and in my opinion, the best weddings reflect the personalities of the bride and … Continue reading 13 things I learned while planning a wedding

Photographing food – some tips!

I was recently invited to a food photography workshop hosted by Currys, where lots of bloggers gathered to pick up some tips and tricks from the experts at Nikon. Despite being a Canon woman myself, it was a great chance to brush up on my skills and look at how you can use light, aperture, depth of field, and white balance to create beautiful photos … Continue reading Photographing food – some tips!

Thoughtful Producer roast chicken

Review: free range chicken from The Thoughtful Producer

What: a freerange whole chicken Who: The Thoughtful Producer Where: Ocado (on offer at the moment (Sept 2015)) or The Thoughtful Producer How much: £19.99 for a 2.2kg bird (ish) Oh my GOODNESS. This chicken was AMAZING. I could honestly just leave the review at that, but I feel I owe more to the lovely PR people that actually posted me a chicken (am I … Continue reading Review: free range chicken from The Thoughtful Producer

Review: Betty Crocker

Betty Crocker is one of the biggest names in the baking aisle. You probably know them from their popular range of pre-made icings, cake mixes, and other baking shortcuts. As a die hard home baker myself, I don’t tend to use pre-made mixes and frostings because I genuinely believe that nothing can compare to a cake that’s been made from scratch. Therefore I was very interested … Continue reading Review: Betty Crocker

Are you ready for Pancake Day?

It’s Pancake Day tomorrow! Have you made a plan for what you’re having? If you don’t fancy making your own, you could try Abra-ca-Debora’s ready made pancakes! I recommend the Little Diddys – they’re based on the popular Dutch poffertjes, which are ridiculously moreish. The Diddys are also very versatile – you can make fruit and pancake kebabs, or pancake pops dipped in chocolate or syrup, … Continue reading Are you ready for Pancake Day?

5 quick and easy Valentines dinner ideas

It’s almost Valentine’s Day and if you’ve decided to forego an overpriced dinner out, you’re going to need to make something delicious for your loved one at home. Here are some of my favourite quick and dirty meals, ideal for impressing your dinner partner for minimal effort. They all look a LOT harder than they are, so you’re onto a winner. Smoked mackerel kedgeree  Kedgeree is … Continue reading 5 quick and easy Valentines dinner ideas