A recent trip to Naples with a faceful of pizza. NOM.

A recent trip to Naples with a faceful of pizza. NOM.

About Peach Trees

Hello! I’m Ashley and Peach Trees and Bumblebees is my food and lifestyle blog. It’s recently had a bit of a make over – hope you like it!

I’m a London-based blogger with a passion for gin and cake. I love to cook and you can find lots and lots of my original recipes on here on this blog. The blog is expanding to cover lots of other things, so expect more posts on books, crafts, weddings, and all sorts in the coming year(s).

You find follow me on Twitter, find Peach Trees on Facebook, or follow me on Instagram to keep in touch. Beware – my Instagram is mostly photos of my kittens.


What’s Peach Trees all about?

Peach Trees is a food and lifestyle blog. It’s mostly food and recipes, but more recently it has stretched to include topics such as books, weddings, and general lifestyle topics.

Why did you start Peach Trees?

Peach Trees began in March 2011, when I realised I couldn’t keep ringing my mum every time I needed a recipe. It was also a great excuse to create a place to start storing the original recipes I was creating and adapting. It’s still my own little recipe file and I use it every week.

In 2015 I realised there was more I wanted to talk about, so I started writing about other things such as weddings and books.

Is Peach Trees your full time job?

Peach Trees is a part time gig for me unfortunately – I do have a day job that keeps me busy from 9-5! But food and writing are my passions, so this is my little corner of the internet devoted to creating, baking, making, writing, and eating. I hope you find the recipes and posts on Peach Trees useful and interesting.

Do you do guest posts?

I’m always happy to post guest recipes from fellow bloggers (though branded recipes do need to be discussed first), so get in touch if you’re keen to share your stuff!

Do you work with PRs?

If you’re in PR and you’re looking to chat about working together, please head to my advertising and PR page. I’m always happy to hear from you,

Clare from Little Bear Cakery recently taught me how to make sugar flowers - was very chuffed with this one!

Clare from Little Bear Cakery recently taught me how to make sugar flowers – was very chuffed with this one!

and I regularly do restaurant reviews, product reviews, gift guides, and features. I’m very fussy about who I work with and sponsored posts are always clearly marked.


What’s your favourite thing to make?

I’m best when I’m baking – I love to make big layer cakes, desserts, macarons… anything sweet and delicious! I made my sister’s wedding cake last year, which was my biggest challenge to date!

What’s your favourite thing to eat?

Anything my mum’s made – she is the best cook I know and she’s taught me a LOT about cooking. I would choose her Christmas dinner over Michelen starred whatsits any day of the year.

Is Peach Trees your only blog?

No, Amy and I have a joint food blog called The Greedy Girls, which I recommend you check out! It’s dormant at the moment but it’s got lots of brilliant recipes.

How can I get in touch with you?

Find me on Twitter @ashleyfryer or email me at peachtreesandbumblebees at gmail dot com.

Bon appetit!


Putting the finishing touches on my sister's cake. Photo by Belinda McCarthy.

Putting the finishing touches on my sister’s cake. Photo by Belinda McCarthy.




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Ooooo how exciting!! I'm more of a cook than a baker but this has given me the inspiration to step over to the sugary side!! Having sampled Ashley's recipes first hand I know they're the best! xxx