Spring vegetable orzo

This is one of my new favourite recipes! It’s so fresh and delicious, and it’s really healthy – perfect for spring! It’s a little bit like risotto but it’s got a slightly different texture, and it’s really filling so you don’t need a huge portion. It’s best when topped with lots of parmesan (or a vegetarian alternative) and served with a large glass of white … Continue reading Spring vegetable orzo

Grilled halloumi wraps

I was set a challenge by Westfield Stratford City recently, to come up with my own version of one of their restaurant’s specialities. You can read all about the challenge and how it went on the Evening Standard website. In the meantime, here’s a quick video of me making the grilled halloumi wraps! Recipe below. If you’re really dedicated, there’s a much longer version of the video … Continue reading Grilled halloumi wraps

Pumpkin risotto with balsamic reduction

I’ve recently come back from a trip to Naples, in southern Italy. The Campania region is known for its buffalo mozzarella and its limoncello, but the flavours in this recipe come from the Northern Italian regions of Emilia Romagna, Lombardi and Veneto. These three regions, collectively known as the Unesco Quadrilateral, are the birthplace of Italian classics including Parma ham, Parmesan and Grana Padano cheese, … Continue reading Pumpkin risotto with balsamic reduction

Pumpkin, ginger & apple soup

Although I find pumpkins a huge effort to cut and peel, I tend to spend most of October eating pumpkin with everything – souffles, pasta dishes and of course, good old pumpkin soup. This is a twist on the traditional one, full of goodness to keep colds at bay. You will need: Around 750g pumpkin meat 25ml walnut/groundnut oil 1x shallot, roughly chopped 1x Granny … Continue reading Pumpkin, ginger & apple soup

Pesto and Pecorino Aubergine Medallions

A friend of mine made this gorgeous starter for me a few years ago and I asked for the recipe immediately. It’s a lovely, light one with lots of gorgeous flavours. I’ve even made it as a main meal for myself more than once! Best of all, it’s pretty darn healthy (as long as you don’t go mad with the cheese), so gives you a … Continue reading Pesto and Pecorino Aubergine Medallions

Me & Hugh: Leek and Cheese Toastie

Serves 2 15g butter 2 medium leeks Sprigs of thyme 3tbs double cream 50g cheddar 2 slices sourdough Seasoning If I ever decide to write a novel and that novel has a vegetarian Welsh character in it, I think he or she will be addicted to Hugh’s Leek and Cheese toastie. Like a slimmed down version of the famous Welsh Rarebit and featuring the country’s … Continue reading Me & Hugh: Leek and Cheese Toastie

Me & Hugh: Patatas Bravas

Serves 2 200g leftover cooked new potatoes 4tbs olive oil For tomato sauce: 2tbs olive oil 1 onion Few sprigs of thyme 3 garlic cloves 1 small chilli 400g tin of plum tomatoes 2tbs paprika Pinch of sugar Seasoning It might have been the arrival of the sun or my desire to experience warmer climes but this week I found myself cooking a classic Spanish … Continue reading Me & Hugh: Patatas Bravas

Tomato and Almond Pappadelle

This is a stupendously simple but delicious pasta dish. What will you need? 1 small clove of garlic 1/3 red pepper 3 good quality tomatoes 25g Ground Almonds 1 tablespoon of fresh basil (roughly 5 leaves) Olive Oil Fresh Pappadelle pasta or tagliatelle Extra basil and parmesan to serve How? Pre-heat your oven to 180. Roughly chop the garlic and red pepper, quarter your tomatoes … Continue reading Tomato and Almond Pappadelle

Review: Super Natural Every Day, Heidi Swanson

Title: Super Natural Every Day Author: Heidi Swanson (check out her lovely blog 101cookbooks.com) Publisher: Hardie Grant Price:  £14.99 Style: Healthy, vegetarian food Rating: 3-4 stars I’m always a bit wary of the ‘natural’ tribe. I mean, I love whole foods as much as the next person, but ask me to pick out spelt or flax from a line up and I’m stuck. I’ve never … Continue reading Review: Super Natural Every Day, Heidi Swanson