Magnum in a TUB!

Magnum – now in tubs!

BREAKING NEWS: all your summer prayers have been answered; Magnums now come in a tub. And if summer is anything like last weekend, we’re in for a very ice cream heavy season. Hoorah. Everyone knows the best thing about eating a Magnum is breaking through that crackable chocolate, so I’m pleased to report that there is a fantastic chocolatey layer surrounding the ice cream on every … Continue reading Magnum – now in tubs!


Summer Strawberry Pavlova

Summer Strawberry Pavlova is one of my absolute favourite treats at this time of year! It’s light, it’s creamy, and you can pile it high with beautiful fresh British strawberries, which are definitely the best strawbs in the world. It’s wonderfully easy to make and it’s simply beautiful to eat on a warm summer afternoon in the garden. The vanilla cream can be subbed for lightly … Continue reading Summer Strawberry Pavlova

Lemon and Tarragon Salmon with Crushed New Potatoes and Summer Veggies

This is one of my favourite salmon recipes because it’s fresh and zingy and REALLY easy. Until recently, I was a bit of a novice when it came to salmon, but I’ve recently been getting a bit more experimental. Lemon and tarragon go really well together and the whole lot together makes for a delicious, nutritious meal. For two people, you will need: 2 quality … Continue reading Lemon and Tarragon Salmon with Crushed New Potatoes and Summer Veggies

Creamy Greek Yoghurt Ice Cream

This rich and tangy ice cream has just the right amount of zing to set off my favorite cardamom poached pears or a spicy apple crumble.  Greek yoghurt is also a rich source of protein which as we all know, keeps you fuller for longer and means that the saintly version in particular could even be considered part of a healthy breakfast. Ingredients for sinners … Continue reading Creamy Greek Yoghurt Ice Cream

Lemon Syllabub

Delicious, easy Old English dessert. Perfect for summer! 1 lemon 150 mls of sweet sherry 2 tablespoons brandy 50 grams caster sugar 300 mls double cream Sprigs of mint for decorating Grate lemon rind finely and squeeze juice. Place in a bowl and add sugar, brandy and sherry. Stir until sugar has dissolved. Whisk cream until it forms soft peaks. Gently fold cream into lemon mixture. … Continue reading Lemon Syllabub

Pesto, Spinach and Tomato Tart

If the sun ever does come out and you want something amazingly light, easy and vegan to have for dinner, take on a picnic or stuff in your lunch box (the possibilities are endless really), this tart is what you need! I reckon even my dog could make it (she quite frequently runs in to glass doors) it’s that simple! Serves 4: 3 handfuls of basil 100g … Continue reading Pesto, Spinach and Tomato Tart


Pavlova is a quintessential dish for British dinner parties. It’s light and fluffy enough not to leave you with a food baby, but indulgent enough to leave you sure you’ve had a good dessert. You can use almost any fruit with this pavlova – I like to use strawberries and raspberries, but if they’re not in season, why not use kiwi and mandarin (tinned works … Continue reading Pavlova

Vietnamese Summer Rolls

Vietnamese summer rolls are fresh and light, filled with aromatic herbs – making them perfect for the hot (ish!) weather. Oh, and unlike spring rolls (are there such things as winter or autumn rolls I wonder?), they aren’t fried, but served cold. These do take a little bit of time to make, mainly because rolling them is a bit fiddly to start. The wrappers are … Continue reading Vietnamese Summer Rolls