Magnum in a TUB!

Magnum – now in tubs!

BREAKING NEWS: all your summer prayers have been answered; Magnums now come in a tub. And if summer is anything like last weekend, we’re in for a very ice cream heavy season. Hoorah. Everyone knows the best thing about eating a Magnum is breaking through that crackable chocolate, so I’m pleased to report that there is a fantastic chocolatey layer surrounding the ice cream on every … Continue reading Magnum – now in tubs!

Minor Figures cold brew coffee

Review: Minor Figures cold brew coffee

Cold brew coffee has been growing in popularity over the last few years. Not to be confused with ice coffee, cold brew is made by steeping coffee with room temperature water over 24 hours. This long brewing time produces coffee with a more nuanced, sweeter flavour. Cold brew coffee is dead easy to make and is ideal to have tucked away in the fridge as … Continue reading Review: Minor Figures cold brew coffee

We got married. Photography by Mister Phill.

2015 – a year in pictures

2015 was a pretty incredible year for me – I went to six weddings (mine included), became an auntie, did some brilliant things at work, made lots of new and wonderful friends, travelled round India for three weeks on my honeymoon, and generally had a really lovely time. All that has meant that I’ve not posted as many recipes as I have in previous years, but … Continue reading 2015 – a year in pictures

Thoughtful Producer roast chicken

Review: free range chicken from The Thoughtful Producer

What: a freerange whole chicken Who: The Thoughtful Producer Where: Ocado (on offer at the moment (Sept 2015)) or The Thoughtful Producer How much: £19.99 for a 2.2kg bird (ish) Oh my GOODNESS. This chicken was AMAZING. I could honestly just leave the review at that, but I feel I owe more to the lovely PR people that actually posted me a chicken (am I … Continue reading Review: free range chicken from The Thoughtful Producer

Review: Betty Crocker

Betty Crocker is one of the biggest names in the baking aisle. You probably know them from their popular range of pre-made icings, cake mixes, and other baking shortcuts. As a die hard home baker myself, I don’t tend to use pre-made mixes and frostings because I genuinely believe that nothing can compare to a cake that’s been made from scratch. Therefore I was very interested … Continue reading Review: Betty Crocker

Review – Bonne Maman desserts

What: Bonne Maman’s desserts Where: all good supermarkets in the fridge section How much: £2.50 ish FIVE STARS I am already a big Bonne Maman fan, having loved their jams and confitures since childhood, and falling a little bit in love with their fruit pots a couple of years ago. So I was very excited when a little hamper of goodies appeared on my doorstep … Continue reading Review – Bonne Maman desserts

Review: Qcumber

What: Qcumber – cucumber flavour soft drink Where: all good supermarkets How much: £2.39 for a 750ml bottle FOUR STARS I was recently sent a couple of bottles of Qcumber – a new, low calorie, low sugar cucumber flavour soft drink. It’s a very fresh, very clean tasting drink and makes a nice change from the usual soft drink alternatives, such as sparkling elderflower (my personal favourite) and … Continue reading Review: Qcumber

Review: Lurpak’s Cook’s Range

What: Lurpak Cook’s Range – Cooking Liquid and Clarified Butter Where: all supermarkets How much: £3.25 (Ocado) FOUR STARS The lovely people at Lurpak sent me some of their new products to try – namely the Cooking Liquid (a butter and vegetable oil blend) and the Clarified Butter (also known as ghee) – around Christmas but I’ve been so madly busy that I’m only now writing about them. … Continue reading Review: Lurpak’s Cook’s Range

Review: Nairn’s Oatcakes

What: Nairn’s Oatcakes Where: Waitrose, Sainsbury’s, independent health food shops How much: £1.69 for a box of Muesli Breaks FIVE STARS Topped with cheese, dipped in houmous, scoffed with soups and sauces – you just can’t beat a tasty oatcake! They’re one of my favourite classic snacks – the perfect treat when you need something filling and wholesome. Rough oatcakes and a good strong cheddar … Continue reading Review: Nairn’s Oatcakes

10 things I learned at the National Wedding Show

I popped along to the National Wedding Show at Earls Court over the weekend to see if I could find any inspiration to share with my Peach Trees readers and it really didn’t disappoint. The wedding industry is pretty crazy at the best of times, but it’s always interesting to see what the latest trends and fashions are. As a recently engaged person, I most … Continue reading 10 things I learned at the National Wedding Show

Spotlight on: James Martin’s cookware range

As a devotee of Saturday Kitchen, I can’t help but be a fan of the lovely James Martin. And as a fan, I was very interested in the ranges of cookware that he’s been producing over the last couple of years. I was particularly excited to see that he’s partnered up with Stellar, who make absolutely brilliant products. I have a large wok and several … Continue reading Spotlight on: James Martin’s cookware range

Review: Teahuggers Chill Out tea

The nice people are Teahuggers sent me some lovely tea a couple of weeks ago and I’ve been meaning to tell you about it! Teahuggers is a London-based tea company, selling beautiful whole leaf teas in those lovely silky tea pyramids. The Chill Out tea is a described as “refreshing, tasty, and relaxing”, and is flavoured with strawberry and basil on a base of chamomile. … Continue reading Review: Teahuggers Chill Out tea