Pumpkin risotto with balsamic reduction

I’ve recently come back from a trip to Naples, in southern Italy. The Campania region is known for its buffalo mozzarella and its limoncello, but the flavours in this recipe come from the Northern Italian regions of Emilia Romagna, Lombardi and Veneto. These three regions, collectively known as the Unesco Quadrilateral, are the birthplace of Italian classics including Parma ham, Parmesan and Grana Padano cheese, … Continue reading Pumpkin risotto with balsamic reduction

Austerity pizza

Save your dough! January – the month of austerity. Maybe Dave’s nicked your child benefit; maybe you spent a little too much on Christmas; or maybe you’ve resolved to save up for something nice. Just don’t spend it on supermarket or takeaway pizza when you can make your own so easily. Pizza dough 1 teaspoon easy-blend dried yeast 300g white bread flour 1 teaspoon salt … Continue reading Austerity pizza

Review: Giovanna Rana, NW1

What: Giovanni Rana Where: Regent’s Place (around the corner from Warren Street) When: 11.04.2012 Price: Three courses with wine is £30-£35 a head. Pasta dishes are around £10. Rating: Four stars for food, five stars for service You know that advert where the ginger dude asks the sexy Italian lady to help him make dinner, and it turns out the dinner is for her? Boys, … Continue reading Review: Giovanna Rana, NW1

Restaurant Review: Fire & Stone, WC2

What: Fire & Stone, Italian restaurant chain Where: 31 – 32 Maiden Ln, Covent Garden, London WC2N 4BF When:  5.12.11 Price: Quite reasonable Rating: 3 stars Fire and Stone has five restaurants, (three in London, one in Portsmouth and one in Oxford), with the Covent Garden branch being the flagship restaurant. This is not a cosy little trattoria but a contemporary, modern-industrial space with high ceilings, … Continue reading Restaurant Review: Fire & Stone, WC2

Philadelphia Pasta

Hearty Philadelphia Pasta

Like a vast percentage of the British population, I am a student, therefore food in my life must be easy, fast and inexpensive. This simple recipe is my favourite hearty quick-fix to turn to after a long day of study space and textbook wars with strangers in the library. Things you’ll need: A normal sized portion of pasta. Any type would work, but spaghetti is … Continue reading Hearty Philadelphia Pasta

Easy Creamy Spaghetti

Easy Creamy Spaghetti

(serves 1 lonesome student) Takes 15-20 minutes This is an Italian-inspired dish, (though far from authentic, I must stress, in case any proper Italian foodies get wind of this and sneer at my inaccurate labelling) which is adapted from a recipe I learned back in 6th form as part of an Italian enrichment course. As with all my favourite recipes, it’s simple, quick and the … Continue reading Easy Creamy Spaghetti

Spaghetti Bolognaise

Ah, spaghetti bolognaise. Nothing quite like the wafting aroma of ragu to get the tastebuds twitching. Plus, rake-like Kate Bosworth cites the dish as her favourite food. Mamma mia! Serves 4 You will need: 300g spaghetti 200g lean steak mince 1 tbsp olive oil 2 cloves of garlic, chopped 1 onion, finely chopped 8 mid-sized mushrooms, sliced 3 tbsp tomato puree 1 carrot, grated 3 … Continue reading Spaghetti Bolognaise