Pulled chicken chilli

Pulled chicken chilli

I came across this recipe for Crock Pot Chicken Taco Chilli on Facebook, where it was being demonstrated in one of those brilliant, quick cooking videos. I tracked it down to a website called Skinny Taste and gave it a whirl. After all, with all those delicious ingredients, it had to be pretty tasty! And as it’s literally one of those chuck-everything-in-the-slow-cooker jobs, the easiness … Continue reading Pulled chicken chilli

Spring vegetable orzo

This is one of my new favourite recipes! It’s so fresh and delicious, and it’s really healthy – perfect for spring! It’s a little bit like risotto but it’s got a slightly different texture, and it’s really filling so you don’t need a huge portion. It’s best when topped with lots of parmesan (or a vegetarian alternative) and served with a large glass of white … Continue reading Spring vegetable orzo

Grilled halloumi wraps

I was set a challenge by Westfield Stratford City recently, to come up with my own version of one of their restaurant’s specialities. You can read all about the challenge and how it went on the Evening Standard website. In the meantime, here’s a quick video of me making the grilled halloumi wraps! Recipe below. If you’re really dedicated, there’s a much longer version of the video … Continue reading Grilled halloumi wraps

Curried lentil soup

Curried lentil – or mulligatawny – soup is my favourite soup ever. I make a huge vat of soup every Sunday night to eat throughout the week and this one is just the best. It’s rich, spicy, and super filling, especially if you serve it with rice, which is traditional. Mulligatawny is usually a chicken soup, but the version on this recipe is vegetarian. It’s … Continue reading Curried lentil soup

Pesto and goats cheese roasted vegetables

Pesto and goats cheese roasted veggies

This is a twist on one of my favourite go-to dishes. It’s ridiculously yummy, easy AND healthy, so it’s perfect to make after work.  Goats cheese and pesto go together wonderfully and make this dish wonderfully rich, without sacrificing the healthy side! I don’t always use the exact veggies below – it’s a case of whatever you’ve got in the fridge and whatever you fancy … Continue reading Pesto and goats cheese roasted veggies

Review: healthy January dishes at Prezzo

What: Prezzo Where: St Martins Lane, London (branches nationwide) When: Jan 2013 Price: About £35 per head for a three course meal including a glass of wine. Main courses are about £10 ish. Rating: 4 stars Given that I am being very well behaved with my food habits at the moment, I was delighted to see that Prezzo are doing a special January menu of low calorie … Continue reading Review: healthy January dishes at Prezzo

Leek and Potato Soup

This is one of my favourite winter warmers and it’s perfect for January as leeks are in season! The potato makes it very filling and comforting, and it’s dead easy. I make this on Sunday nights and take it to work for lunch all week. It’s particularly nice with a crusty white roll. Makes 6-8 portions You will need: 2 onions 1 clove of garlic … Continue reading Leek and Potato Soup

Pepper and Paprika Couscous

I really suck at thinking up interesting lunch ideas. Sandwiches, cold pasta or chilli goes in my lunchbox every day, and it gets really dull. This is part of my attempt to start making interesting things to have at work — although it tastes pretty fantastic scoffed straight from the pan. Not that I’ve done that. Ahem. Ingredients (makes enough for two) 1 red pepper … Continue reading Pepper and Paprika Couscous

Pumpkin, ginger & apple soup

Although I find pumpkins a huge effort to cut and peel, I tend to spend most of October eating pumpkin with everything – souffles, pasta dishes and of course, good old pumpkin soup. This is a twist on the traditional one, full of goodness to keep colds at bay. You will need: Around 750g pumpkin meat 25ml walnut/groundnut oil 1x shallot, roughly chopped 1x Granny … Continue reading Pumpkin, ginger & apple soup