Heavenly Raspberry Brownies

I had an amazing raspberry brownie while I was in New Zealand (from an AMAZING coffee shop called Joe’s Garage – if you go to NZ, find your nearest one and get their pikelets (pancakes) for breakfast!). When I got back, I just had to have a go at making my own! You can use fresh raspberries (which are better) but frozen raspberries will do … Continue reading Heavenly Raspberry Brownies

Squidgy Oreo Brownies

I made these on a whim for AWOT and they turned out quite nicely! I usually make them with white chocolate but then I thought – why add in chocolate when you can add a whole packet of biscuits to your mix?! Definitely a slightly indulgent recipe, but hey, you only live once. You will need: 220g dark chocolate, roughly chopped 1 packet of Oreos, roughly … Continue reading Squidgy Oreo Brownies


S’more Brownies

This may be my new favouite recipe, mainly because it combines marshmallow, biscuits, melted chocolate and gooey brownie. Also they’re called s’more brownies, as in GIVE ME S’MORE BROWNIES. They’re pretty simple to make with fabulous results, best eaten warm out of the oven! For lot’s you’ll need: 115g dark chocolate 225g butter 4 eggs 375g caster sugar 75g flour 50g cocoa powder A pack … Continue reading S’more Brownies

Yummy Scrummy Chocolate Brownies

I know there’s already a recipe for brownies on here but hey, we all have our own. This one, like many of mine, is adapted from a Nigella recipe I’m rather fond of. They’re easy peasy to make and will guarantee you friendship WHEREVER you take them. Perfect fresh out of the oven, they’re also great cold but I don’t need to sell them to … Continue reading Yummy Scrummy Chocolate Brownies

Banana Bread Beer Brownies

Have you ever tried banana bread beer? It’s like beer but about 100 times better and when poured into a deliciously fudgy brownie mixture makes some fantastic tasting baked treats. You will need: 115g Dark Chocolate 200g Butter 375g Caster Sugar 4 eggs 100g Flour 50g Good quality cocoa powder 1tsp vanilla extract 200ml Wells Banana Bread Beer Start by turning the oven to 180 … Continue reading Banana Bread Beer Brownies

The Ultimate Chocolate Brownies

These triple choc slices of heaven are juggernauts of the baked goods world, though albeit not one for the calorie conscious. The recipe, I discovered in an American Sampler of tasty treats. The trick… to melt the cocoa and butter together first, resulting in the ultimate gooey middle. My addition to the recipe, erm, add more chocolate…..obvs! So here it is, straight from the U.S.A. … Continue reading The Ultimate Chocolate Brownies