We got married. Photography by Mister Phill.

2015 – a year in pictures

2015 was a pretty incredible year for me – I went to six weddings (mine included), became an auntie, did some brilliant things at work, made lots of new and wonderful friends, travelled round India for three weeks on my honeymoon, and generally had a really lovely time. All that has meant that I’ve not posted as many recipes as I have in previous years, but … Continue reading 2015 – a year in pictures

Photographing food – some tips!

I was recently invited to a food photography workshop hosted by Currys, where lots of bloggers gathered to pick up some tips and tricks from the experts at Nikon. Despite being a Canon woman myself, it was a great chance to brush up on my skills and look at how you can use light, aperture, depth of field, and white balance to create beautiful photos … Continue reading Photographing food – some tips!

My Kind of Food

Review: John Torode’s My Kind of Food

What: new cookbook, My Kind of Food, featuring recipes covering everything from brunches to quick meals to ‘leave overnight’ meals and more Who: Masterchef’s John Torode Where: available on Amazon (on sale at the moment – October 2015) How much: £6.99 at the moment, RRP £25 Masterchef fans rejoice – you can now buy John Torode’s new cookbook, My Kind of Food. As the title would … Continue reading Review: John Torode’s My Kind of Food

Thoughtful Producer roast chicken

Review: free range chicken from The Thoughtful Producer

What: a freerange whole chicken Who: The Thoughtful Producer Where: Ocado (on offer at the moment (Sept 2015)) or The Thoughtful Producer How much: £19.99 for a 2.2kg bird (ish) Oh my GOODNESS. This chicken was AMAZING. I could honestly just leave the review at that, but I feel I owe more to the lovely PR people that actually posted me a chicken (am I … Continue reading Review: free range chicken from The Thoughtful Producer

Pistachio, ginger, and cranberry chocolate bark

Pistachio, ginger, and cranberry chocolate bark

I’ve been aware of chocolate bark for a while now but it wasn’t until Lauren wrote about about it on Homemade that I thought about making some. As luck would have it, I had a day with Lauren and Amy in the diary so we decided to make some together and film it for Amy’s YouTube channel. The great thing about chocolate bark is that anything … Continue reading Pistachio, ginger, and cranberry chocolate bark

Courgette, lime, and pineapple cake

Courgette, lime, and pineapple cake

This is one of my favourite flavour combinations! My courgette, lime, and pineapple cake is easy peasy to make and super delicious. The flavour combination works beautifully, giving a lightly fruity taste, that works wonderfully with the cream cheese frosting. Don’t be put off by the courgette (AKA zucchini) – you can’t taste it and you get the most amazingly moist cake with it. It’s … Continue reading Courgette, lime, and pineapple cake

Dairy-free chocolate ganache

I taught my lovely friend Amita how to make macarons yesterday. She doesn’t eat dairy so she’d asked if we could make some dairy-free ones. Macaron shells – made of ground almonds, sugar, and egg whites – are naturally dairy and gluten free, though in all my recipes, there’s dairy in the filling. It was time to do some experimenting and come up with an … Continue reading Dairy-free chocolate ganache

The books I’ll always go back to

Last week, my friend Daisy asked everyone on Twitter what books they like to re-read every year. I love to re-read books – they’re like old jumpers you can put on and snuggle into, knowing they’ll fit perfectly and leave you feeling just as warm/entranced/thrilled etc as the first time you read them. I thought I’d share some of my favourite books that I re-read … Continue reading The books I’ll always go back to

Banana chocolate chip cookies

I absolutely love banana and chocolate together – as evidenced by my recipes for banana chocolate loaf cake, banana chocolate chip muffins, and banana chocolate chip mini loaves. It’s a delicious combination and it works beautifully and these cookies. This recipe is adapted from a couple of different ones that I’ve been tweaking. The cookies have a delightful crisp but soft texture – cakier than … Continue reading Banana chocolate chip cookies