White chocolate and cranberry oatmeal cookies

Cranberry and white chocolate oatmeal cookies

These cranberry and white chocolate oatmeal cookies are absolutely heavenly morsels that you can fool yourself into thinking are healthy (thanks, oaty goodness). I made them recently for my colleague Cat’s birthday (hence the candles) and they went down a treat! These are ideal sweet treats when you need a boost to get you through an afternoon at work :) You need 120g unsalted butter (soft) … Continue reading Cranberry and white chocolate oatmeal cookies

Pecan raisin cookies

Soft and chewy pecan raisin cookies

So last week I made cashew butter and honey chocolate chip cookies and they were so yummy that I made another batch three days later. It was the night before I was due to visit my dad, and, knowing how much he likes raisins, I had an idea for another cookie recipe using Pip & Nut’s honey and cinnamon cashew butter. Again, let me promise you I’m not being paid … Continue reading Soft and chewy pecan raisin cookies

Cashew butter and honey chocolate chip cookies

Cashew butter and honey chocolate chip cookies

I have a real thing for homemade cookies – you know, the chewy, slightly crisp, deliciously moreish kind that you just can’t get in shops. Nothing comes close to a warm cookie straight from the oven, where the chocolate is still a bit melty. And my favourite thing about cookies is that they’s SO easy and SO quick to make. No faffing about with cake … Continue reading Cashew butter and honey chocolate chip cookies

Raspberry and white chocolate ice cream

Raspberry and white chocolate ice cream

If you’re lucky enough to have an ice cream maker, the chances are that you already know the sheer joy of proper homemade ice cream. It’s so much better than regular supermarket stuff – the creamy texture is far better and you don’t have any of the questionable preservatives involved with factory made stuff. It’s just good, honest ice cream. Unfortunately ice cream makers often … Continue reading Raspberry and white chocolate ice cream

Pistachio, ginger, and cranberry chocolate bark

Pistachio, ginger, and cranberry chocolate bark

I’ve been aware of chocolate bark for a while now but it wasn’t until Lauren wrote about about it on Homemade that I thought about making some. As luck would have it, I had a day with Lauren and Amy in the diary so we decided to make some together and film it for Amy’s YouTube channel. The great thing about chocolate bark is that anything … Continue reading Pistachio, ginger, and cranberry chocolate bark

Dairy-free chocolate ganache

I taught my lovely friend Amita how to make macarons yesterday. She doesn’t eat dairy so she’d asked if we could make some dairy-free ones. Macaron shells – made of ground almonds, sugar, and egg whites – are naturally dairy and gluten free, though in all my recipes, there’s dairy in the filling. It was time to do some experimenting and come up with an … Continue reading Dairy-free chocolate ganache

Hazelnut and marshmallow chocolate chip cookies

Ok, so these are basically mischief in cookie form. They were a bit of an experiment and WOW – what a success. They’re soft and chewy and slightly crispy – the perfect cookie texture. And the combination of hazelnut with dark chocolate and sweet marshmallow works beautifully. I adapted this recipe from the peanut butter marshmallow cookie recipe in the new Hummingbird Bakery book, Life … Continue reading Hazelnut and marshmallow chocolate chip cookies

Lemon macarons

I love making macarons – they’re so sophisticated and pretty! Plus they’re the perfect bitesize treat. They’re not too tricky once you’ve cracked the basics and I’m lucky enough to have learned from the best – Clare from Little Bear Cakery! All my macaron recipes are based on the recipe she gave me for my all time favourite hazelnut praline macarons. Macarons make wonderful gifts … Continue reading Lemon macarons

Heart shaped macarons

Heart shaped macarons are a lovely gift for Valentine’s Day! They’re not too difficult to make, just follow the recipe closely and be as confident as possible. The below recipe belongs to Clare at Little Bear Cakery, who taught me how to make macarons. For around 20 macarons, you need: 90g egg whites at room temperature (I used Two Chicks fresh liquid egg whites but … Continue reading Heart shaped macarons

Chocolate Guinness bundt cake

God love whoever thought to put Guinness in a cake. It goes so beautifully with chocolate – it adds a delicious savoury richness and the most wonderful rich black colour to the sponge. I love a good bundt cake, and I really think the fluffy white cream cheese frosting looks wonderful in contrast to the black cake. This recipe is adapted from a Hummingbird Bakery … Continue reading Chocolate Guinness bundt cake

White chocolate and cranberry flapjacks

These are the most amazing flapjacks and I NEED to share the recipe with you. Cranberry and white chocolate have long been bedfellows – everyone loves the tang of cranberries mixed with the mellow sweetness of white chocolate! These are my new favourites. For a large tray of about 25 flapjacks, you will need: 250g butter (plus a bit extra for greasing) 250g dark brown … Continue reading White chocolate and cranberry flapjacks

Cinnamon buns

Hellooooo, sexy. I don’t think you can beat a fresh cinnamon roll – they’re so ridiculously scrumptious. They’re made using an enriched dough but it’s pretty simple. Best of all, you can cheat and use a dough hook, so there’s no faff with getting dough all over your kitchen! These are fun to make with kids as they don’t take too long and it’s amazing … Continue reading Cinnamon buns