Blueberry and Raspberry Cupcakes

I made these earlier in the year for the Diamond Jubilee. We were having a street party and needed some patriotic food. This white, blue and red cupcake was just the ticket — and it also happens to be absolutely delicious! Ingredients For the cakes 175g soft unsalted butter 175g caster sugar 3 eggs 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract 175g self-raising flour 2 tablespoons of milk … Continue reading Blueberry and Raspberry Cupcakes

Banoffee Cupcake

Banoffee Cupcakes

This is one of my favourite creations to date… Banana cupcakes with spiced rum soaked sultanas, a toffee sauce centre topped with toffee buttercream. There are a few components to these cupcakes so they’re not the quickest to make but trust me… they are so worth it! Makes 8 cupcakes Ingredients for the toffee sauce 50g dark brown soft sugar 65ml double cream 25g butter … Continue reading Banoffee Cupcakes

Autumn-y goodness!

Spiced Apple & Cinnamon Cupcakes

A post on spiced apple cupcakes is bittersweet (*don’t worry, not literally). Delicious and evocative, these babies are also distinctly autumnal. But if you can face making something that brings fallen leaves, grey skies, and a nip in the air to mind, then please bake away. It’ll be worth it. Adapted from Hummingbird’s Cake Days. Ingredients Makes 16 3 oz margarine 8 oz castor sugar … Continue reading Spiced Apple & Cinnamon Cupcakes

Rule Britannia Cupcakes!

These cupcakes were originally made for The Royal Wedding last year, yet we think they’d make a great addition to a Jubilee Party, and (save the fiddly icing) are beautifully simple to make. Its a whizz. The icing is also a very simple buttercream, with sugarflair food colouring used to create the blue and red. I can’t stress enough two important things 1) use sugarflair … Continue reading Rule Britannia Cupcakes!

Hazelnut & Chocolate Muffins with White Chocolate Ganache

This is so simple but tastes so indulgent. You’ll need; cupcake tray (12) 150g self raising flour 150g butter 150g golden caster sugar 2 eggs milk 1 tbsp good qaulity cocoa powder 1 1/2 tsp baking power 1 1/2 tbsp chopped roasted hazelnuts 150g double cream 150g white chocolate 2tbsp rum Chocolate sprinkles Method: GANACHE: You can make the ganache days even a couple of … Continue reading Hazelnut & Chocolate Muffins with White Chocolate Ganache

Om nom nom.

Raspberry & White Chocolate Cupcakes

I’m always a tad confused by cupcakes – not really sure why there should be a different recipe for cupcakes, than for cakes… So I just sort of winged this, like I usually do, and used a Madeira cake recipe for these cupcakes – hoping I had enough cupcake tins. These amounts are best used for a 9”/10” (22/25cm) cake tin – however I managed … Continue reading Raspberry & White Chocolate Cupcakes


Malteser Cupcakes

Everyone likes Maltesers. And everyone likes cakes. I think a marriage of the two was a natural step to take. The results are certainly good, creating an incredibly soft cake and creamy, sweet icing. You could adapt this recipe by adding cocoa powder to the cake and/or the icing. At the moment I’ve left it with the cake being the malty bit of the Malteser … Continue reading Malteser Cupcakes


Cherry Bakewell Cupcakes

This recipe combines two of my favourite things; cake and cherry bakewells… it’s heaven in a pretty little paper case!  I’ve never used ground almonds in a sponge recipe before but they give a lovely texture and give the cupcakes that authentic bakewell taste.  I baked these first to celebrate National Cupcake Week, but they went down so well I think I will be making … Continue reading Cherry Bakewell Cupcakes


Apple & Blackberry Crumble Cupcakes with Custard Frosting

Apple and blackberry crumble mixed with a cupcake… Nuff said! For the crumble topping: 25g butter diced 50g flour 50g caster sugar For the sponge: 1 cooking apple chopped in to small pieces (+ a bit of lemon to stop it going brown) 2 eggs 100g butter 100g caster sugar 100g self raising flour 2 tsp milk 100g frozen blackberries For the Frosting: 75g butter … Continue reading Apple & Blackberry Crumble Cupcakes with Custard Frosting

Red Velvet Cupcakes

Red Velvet Cupcakes

The moment I heard about National Cupcake Week, I knew I had to whip out these bad boys. Hummingbird Bakery is universally acknowledged (in the circles I move in anyway) as the Momma of Cupcakes and they make the BEST red velvet cupcakes around but these come a pretty close second. Makes 12 (proper sized cupcakes, will make more fairy cakes) For the cupcake – … Continue reading Red Velvet Cupcakes

Coffee & Macadamia Cupcakes

These cupcakes could work with a multitude of different nuts but I decided to veer away from the classic walnut and use my favourite, the macadamia. The sponge is deliciously fluffy with a mellow coffee flavour without being too sweet. The light airy icing packs an extra coffee punch and topped with toasted macadamias and a dusting of bitter chocolate (I used Willie’s Venezuelan Black … Continue reading Coffee & Macadamia Cupcakes

Lemon Cupcakes

Lemon & Vanilla Cupcakes

These cupcakes are so pretty and dainty, people will think you bought them! There is absolutely NO reason for there to be white chocolate buttons on top save that they look pretty and match the shade of the buttercream (I know, artistic license, sorry). So you can miss those out if you think they’re naff. These would also love to have some little black poppyseeds … Continue reading Lemon & Vanilla Cupcakes