Fresh veggies

Banana Pepper Tuna Sandwich

It’s August and my peppers are BOOMING! I’ve been doing a great job keeping those little spawns of satan those cute and fuzzy rabbits out of my garden, although there was a period where every morning I’d open the blinds in my bedroom and catch a birds-eye view of one of them in my garden, gnoshing on a pepper. I’ve since found an organic pesticide that I use when … Continue reading Banana Pepper Tuna Sandwich


Banana Blackberry Breakfast Smoothie

In this edition of ridiculously easy and extremely healthy breakfasts, I am featuring the Blackberry Banana Breakfast Smoothie.  Since it has only a few ingredients and can be whipped up in minutes, it’s a breakfast that is very much “work-friendly.” I used a regular-sized blender here, as you can see in the photos, since I made three servings; for a single serving, the Magic Bullet … Continue reading Banana Blackberry Breakfast Smoothie