Magnum in a TUB!

Magnum – now in tubs!

Magnum in a TUB!
Magnum in a TUB!

BREAKING NEWS: all your summer prayers have been answered; Magnums now come in a tub. And if summer is anything like last weekend, we’re in for a very ice cream heavy season. Hoorah.

Everyone knows the best thing about eating a Magnum is breaking through that crackable chocolate, so I’m pleased to report that there is a fantastic chocolatey layer surrounding the ice cream on every surface. You can squeeze the sides of the pot and crack the chocolatey edges. You get to smash the top layer in with a spoon. And man, that top layer is THICK. It makes cracking into a chocolate orange look pedestrian. It feels positively raunchy.

The new Magnum tubs are all full of Magnum’s usual vanilla ice cream and packed with shards of chocolate, and they come in Classic (dark chocolate), Almond (milk chocolate and almond), and White (white chocolate). They are all delicious. You won’t want to share.

The only thing they’re missing is a peanut butter flavour one. Can you imagine smashing through layers of chocolate AND peanut butter AND ice cream? Yes. I’m having… thoughts… too. Come on Magnum, hear my cry.

All the Magnum scoffing reminded me of the Magnum Pleasure Store, which was open last summer. Let us all send up a prayer to the Magnum gods that they open another one for summer 2017, so we can all enjoy hand dipped, jewel encrusted, gold dusted, black lava sprinkled Magnums. A supermarket brand choc ice just isn’t going to cut it anymore.

Magnum tubs are available NOW (yippee!) and retail for just less than £4. So a bargain if you feel you have to share. Plus I just spotted Tesco has them on for 2 for a fiver. You’re welcome.

Cracking good chocolate. Sorry.

Disclaimer: the good people at Magnum invited me to the launch party and let me try ALL THE MAGNUMS. They also fed me parmesan crisps and guacamole. The parmesan crisps were SPICY AF. They didn’t pay me to write such a glowing review – I just really like ice cream. They also gave me a USB stick in the shape of a Magnum tub, so yeah. Be dead jealous.