As a fortunate gluten-eater, I’d never really thought about the trials and tribulations associated with being a coeliac. I’ve sat opposite friends staring forlornly as I shove forkfuls of hot pasta into my gob, and have heard strangers pine for just one hot buttered crumpet to tide them over. But alas, the world of gluten is a tricky bastard for those that can’t eat it – it seems to be in just about everything. I am lucky enough to be able to sail merrily past the ‘free from’ aisle at Tesco and never look twice.

That is, until I was sent some gluten free bread. I’d tried it once before – gluten free bread is like low fat cheese – it just doesn’t bloody work. It’s impossible to eat without toasting it, and even then it’s usually not worth bothering with. I know many gluten-free-ers who’ve given up on bread altogether. So you can understand my skepticism when a fresh loaf of Genius Gluten Free Bread turned up on my desk.

I poked the loaf gingerly. It was actually quite soft. I raised an eyebrow, pushed it to one side and left it.

Ten minutes later, I poked it again. Damn, it felt like real bread. Two hours later, I tried a slice with a smidge of butter and was shocked. It wasn’t quite like my usual Warburtons loaf, but it was pretty damn close. I ate another slice, toasted, this time with nutella – and hot damn, if it wasn’t a little bit delicious. Genius has completely changed my mind about gluten free stuff – it was really tasty, and didn’t taste like cardboard at all! I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a good gluten free bread. I even had it in my sandwiches yesterday, and it was lovely.

So, top marks, Genius. What else’ve you got?

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