Peach Trees has Jubilee fever!

So the Jubilee is finally here and we all know what that means: street parties, Pimms and LOTS of bunting. Hurrah! I love a good British knees up as much as the next person, so I’ve hunted high and low to find the very best Jubilee essentials. Get your Union Jacks at the ready…

Unfortunately they don’t *all* come with crowns. I’m just special.

 Ma’amite, £2.27
This is one of my very favourite Jubilee specials – it’s such a simple but clever take on things! And those lovely people from Marmite sent me a special version with a crown and everything – how cute is it! :) You can celebrate the Jubilee by picking up a special edition jar, or you could book a special Marmite afternoon tea!

Marmite tea party! :)

Yep, Marmite has teamed up with The Botanist in Sloane Square to create a uniquely scrummy treat. From today until 10th June, you can enjoy cheese and marmite scones, marmite sandwiches and… chocolate cake with Marmite caramel buttercream (among other things). Yeah, I’m not sure about that one either, but it might be lovely! :)
It’s only £18-25 a person, so book now for a rare and exciting treat! 

Quite fancy some of this for my bedroom!

Bunting wall art, £25.99
Don’t want to worry about bunting flapping about? Feel patriotic every day and go for bunting wall stickers! They’re super easy to use and peel off without hassle, so they’re perfect for cheering up a room without looking OTT.
You can find Bunting wall art online at The Binary Box.

Crisp British cider is just lovely on a hot day!

Union Jack Cider Pack, £34.99
Prince William prefers cider to beer. He said so. So it seems only fitting that we all drink some quality British cider over the Jubilee (any excuse, frankly). You can pick up this pack of 12 British ciders from Twisted Cider, and, because they’re feeling patriotic, they’re waiving the delivery fee! Bag yourself a cider bargain by clicking here


A nice cuppa tea, from £5
Nothing is more British than a nice cuppa. So get yourself over to for a real bargain. Victory Tea sells tea in bulk, so you can get a really nice deal for not much moolah.
Pick up this special Union Jack pack of 640 tea bags for just £16!

Hurrah for Aldi and their super prices!

Street party essentials
Pick up all your street party essentials for cheap by skipping down to Aldi. They’ve got gorgeous table cloths, Union Jack flags, face paints, Union Jack paper cups, mugs, tea towels – the works! The Jubilee doesn’t has to cost a fortune – just pop down to your nearest branch and pick up some bargains!

A nice cheeky take on the Jubilee!

Yo! Majesty commemorative plate, £3 / £7.50
If you’re not into your scones and Victoria sponge (!), you might like to try Yo! Sushi’s amusing Jubilee special – a commemorative plate (£3) which you can get on its own, or as a package with their special red fruit Charlotte pudding and a glass of fizz (£7.50). For the offbeat Brit.
You can pick up a special plate at your nearest Yo! Sushi.

YUM. (photo by Benjamin Backhouse)

Jubilee Cupcakes, £3.25
The Hummingbird Bakery (one of my favourite cakespots!) is celebrating the Jubilee with special cupcakes! They’re dead cute and I can vouch for their deliciousness, if they’re anything like their usual cupcakes.
Head to your nearest branch of Hummingbird for a treat!

More cheese, Gromit?

Jubilee Davidstow Cheddar, £3
Cornish cheese gods, Davidstow, has launched a special Jubilee edition of their beloved cheddar. Prince Charles visited the creamery back in July 2011 and was responsible for the very first step in creating this particular batch, so you can eat your cheese knowing it has been touched by royalty! Nice.
You can pick up a pack for three of your English pounds from Marks and Spencers. 

The Cornish really know their ice cream.

Kelly’s Clotted Cream and Strawberry Ice Cream, £3.99
Kelly’s is damn tasty at the best of times, but this one takes the cake! You just can’t beat clotted cream and strawbs – it’s a Jubilee essential.
Pick up a tub at your local supermarket. 

Novelty tea towel – essential Jubilee item!

‘Mad in England’ tea towel, £16 for 2
Everyone loves a novelty tea towel. I actually still have one from the Silver Jubilee in the 70’s. It was passed on to me by mum and has become a much-loved, much-used heirloom. So the Jubilee tea towel is an obligatory Jubilee purchase.
You can buy this gorgeous set of two (and it was actually made in England! Hurrah!) from Etsy.

LOVE these. Can’t believe they found naturally blue potatoes.

Tyrrells Red, White & Blue Crisps, £2.99
I bloody love Tyrrells. They’re always coming up with fun new products (including the new TorTyrrells tortilla chips!). And for the Jubilee, they have outdone themselves – they have actually created (natural) red, white and blue crisps. And they’re LUSH. Serious kudos, team Tyrrell.
Pick up a pack from Harrods, Harvey Nichols, Fortnum & Mason, Waitrose and leading independent stores! 

God bless the coffee.

Douwe Egberts Jubilee Coffee, £6.59
Douwe (still not sure how to pronounce that one) Egberts has been making coffee for 250 years. Which is just showing off, if you ask me. They’ve brought out a special Jubilee jar for their Pure Gold and Pure Indulgence coffees. You might need a cup before the street party kicks off.
Available at your local supermarket. 

For the less than confident chef!

Schwarz Coronation Chicken mix, 99p
Nervous of making all those sarnies? Underconfident in the kitchen? Whisk away your woes by buying a pre-prepared spice mix for Jubilee classic dish, Coronation Chicken. We won’t tell.
Available at most supermarkets. 


Angostura Bitters, £7
Those lovely folk at Angostura Bitters have changed their packaging for the first time in 200 years to celebrate the Jubilee! Enjoy a nice peppy drink over the weekend, knowing you snagged one of the 6,600 bottles produced for the Jubilee.
Available at Waitrose. Limited numbers so get down there sharpish!


Greggs Jubilee Cupcake, 65p
As a former resident of the toon, Greggs will always have a sweet spot in my heart. They’re doing a very cute Jubilee cupcake for just 65p (or four for £2.50). An absolute bargain and pretty to boot. Perfect for Jubilee on a budget!
You can find them at your local Greggs. 

Beanz means Heinz.

Vintage Heinz classics, 60-69p
Heinz have recreated the packaging that was around at the time of the Queen’s coronation – doesn’t it look lovely? Fun fact for you – their tinned spaghetti was created in the same year that Elizabeth II was born (1926)! They practically share a birthday. Go on, you know beans means Heinz.
Heinz Beanz are 69p, and Heinz Spaghetti is 60p. You can pick ’em up at supermarkets across the UK. 


Firefly tonics Bramley Apple & Ginger, £1.65-£2.20
The nice people at Firefly have created a gorgeous bottle of their classic Bramley Apple and Ginger drink or the Jubilee! The cap even has a gold corgi on it. Love.
Available at  Selfridges, Wholefoods and quality independent stockists.


Limited Edition Simeon Farrar tee, £50
I love this cute Kate & Wills tee!
Available at Liberty of London’s new pop up store, open in Westfield Stratford 28th May – 12thSeptember. 

Om nom nom.

Rachel’s Strawberries and Cream organic yoghurt, £1.69
I *love* Rachel’s. The yoghurt is wonderfully thick and creamy – I could probs make my way through a 450g pot in one sitting. Their special strawbs and cream yoghurt comes in a gorgeous Jubilee pot – pick one up sharpish and indulge!
Available from good supermarkets.

Happy Eggs make yummy quiche!

Happy Egg Quiches, £2.60
No street party would be complete without a slice of cold quiche! The Happy Egg Company (one of my favourites – they are all free range!) has decked out its top quiches in Union Jacks, so they’re perfect for some festive munching. Available in Cheddar & Bacon and Salmon & Spinach – go on, get one of each.
Available at Tesco, Sainsbury’s and other selected supermarkets. 

And finally, here’s a lovely video from Hazel Ball, owner of home accessories website, Velvet Brown, who’s been working with Command products from 3M to create some decorating ideas for the Diamond Jubilee! Enjoy xx


Ma'amite may be the best thing ever! Buy it now, enjoy the yeasty goodness now, and 30 years time you have a retro vase?! Beats a tea-towel any day!