Interview: Karen Galloway, Fish is the Dish


Karen Galloway one of the ladies behind Fish is the Dish, a government run scheme to get us eating more fish! Fish has a huge range of healthy benefits, with its natural protein, to its extensive range of vitamins and minerals. We caught up with Karen to learn a little bit more…

What is Fish is the Dish?

Launched in October 2011 by Seafish, Fish is the Dish is a consumer led campaign designed to get more people, to eat more fish, more often.  Research has shown that the biggest behavioral change in household is the arrival of children. The Fish is the Dish campaign is focused on targeting mums to respond to the behavior change in mum before, during and after pregnancy.

So why should we be eating more fish?

The majority of people know that fish is good for them and have a common understanding that fish is a healthy but may not necessarily know the full and in-depth health benefits which are absolutely huge. We’ve dedicated a whole section on our website about health to let people see how important fish is in their diet.

What’s your favourite fish recipe?

This changes depending on what is in season. At the moment it’s smoked haddock and leek risotto.

What is your very favourite thing to eat? (doesn’t have to be fish related!)

Scallops ! Ideally with Stornoway black pudding. I like this recipe

You wouldn’t know it, but…

I didn’t always like fish.

The greatest meal in the world is…

One which someone else has cooked for you. With a chilled Sancerre with it.

The most amazing feeling in the world is…

A cuddle from my beautiful daughters.

My favourite place is… 

With my family.

My earliest foodie memory is…

Trying to convince my sister that a beefburger was actually a sausage.

The best advice I was ever given is/was…

Moderation is all things.