Guest post: Why we should all be drinking more tea!

Today’s guest post comes from Mike Jones, Tea-riffic Tea Trader.

Do you know the difference between a black tea and a green tea? Ever thought about where the best tea comes from? Why can’t we grow tea commercially in England? Wonder no more… Mike Jones, international tea trader and font of all knowledge about Camellia Sinensis is here to solve all your tea queries. His experience of tea fields spreads far and wide. In fact, Mike has visited almost all the tea producing countries in the world!

From the well known tea areas of India to the teaproducing countries in Africa; Kenya to Mozambique, Zimbabwe to Uganda, it’s fair to say Mike’s knowledge of teais pretty extensive/tea-riffic. Throughout his travels, Mike has been able to establish strong relationships so that he can count tea producers and buyers as his friends (very handy for all those insider tea tips)! Withall this knowledge it would be such a shame not to share anyof it with you. So here Mike shares his reasons why we should all drink more tea in 2012.

  1. Tea is 100% natural – it is also a source of the minerals manganese, essential for bone growthand body development, and potassium, vital for maintaining body fluid levels.*
  2. Drinking tea can be part of our daily fluid intake – approximately 40% of the nation’s fluidintake today will be tea**.
  3. Tea is calorie free when drunk without milk & sugar (it is only 13 calories when semi-skimmed milk is added)
  4. Tea from a bag is just as good for you as tea leaves, it’s quick and easy and can lift yourspirits in a crisis!
  5. It’s an affordable treat, without it costing too much you can indulge in a rare tea such as Nilgiri White Tea, naturally sweet tea and good for you too, or strong flavour teas from Kenyaand India that pack a punch!
  6. Like fruit & vegetables, tea is rich in antioxidants. These are known to help reduce risk ofchronic illness such as heart disease, strokes and cancer.
  7. Tea is a natural source of fluoride that can help protect against tooth decay and gum disease.
  8. Tea is alcohol free, obviously, so enjoy a cup all day long with friends.
  9. The caffeine in tea will revive you and help you complete that wearisome to do list for 2012.
  10. There are hundreds of different types of tea out there to try – so it’s easy to drink more –just start tasting! Tea really is very tasty!



Bellevue tea is an independently owned company based in Wandsworth, London. It was founded in 2006 by Clare Jones, whose tea knowledge is based on years of meeting tea producers, tea brokers and tea tasters brought home by her tea trader husband, Mike. For more information visit