Want to be on TV?

Be on TV like Saturday Kitchen's James Martin!

Guys! Exciting opportunity for anyone with TV-shaped aspirations! I’m feeling lazy, so I’ve just pasted all the info below… good luck! My friend at Sky tells me it’s a bit like Dragons Den for foodies. Could be fun, no? :)

“Sky1 is giving amateur/professional cooks and small businesses a unique opportunity to see whether they can turn their delicious cooking into life-changing business opportunities. Innocent Smoothies, Chegworth Valleyapple juice and Ben and Jerry’s are just a few examples of food companies that began life on a market stall and have become hugely successful businesses – all started by people with a culinary passion.

Each episode of the new TV series, Cooks to Market, will feature two pairs of cooks who will be given a budget and a kitchen to work in, with a day to cook their products. The two pairs of cooks will then sell their products to the public. It could be at the hugely popular Covent Garden Market, or maybe even at the world famous Harrods food hall. The pair who succeeds will be given the opportunity to pitch their product in front of a line-up of industry buyers.”

To apply, email cookstomarket@splashmediatv.co.uk and request an application form!