Interview: PIE London

Continuing with our British Pie Week theme, we caught up with Matt and Ant from PIE London, a pie delivery service operating in South London. They tell us about their favourite pies, PIE parties and selling crisps to children in playgrounds…

Matt & Ant, PIE London

What is PIE London?
Quite simply the best gourmet pies and sides delivered hot and fresh to your door. See ya later boring takeaways.

Why pies?
Pie’s are the best. amazing pastry, amazing tasting fillings with our freshly made potato sides and vegetable accompaniments, finished off with our home made gravy.

What’s your favourite pie?
It would have to be the mexican chilli chicken.

Where can we get hold of your pies?
Ordering through our website: or by calling the PIE line: 0207 720 4131.

We deliver to your door in 45 mins if you live in South London. You’ll also be able to find us at festivals this summer and we’ll be hosting pop up PIE parties too – check the web for details.

I like cooking because… ? My culinary skills surprise people (in a good way)

You wouldn’t know it, but I… spent over a year finding these pies from our supplier.

The greatest meal in the world is… something with fois gras, lamb, and eggs in.

The meaning of life is… chill out.

If I could have one wish it would be… for everyone to try a PIE.

The most amazing feeling in the world is… when people enjoy what you do. Great satisfaction.

My favourite place is… London of course!

My earliest foodie memory is… selling my packets of crisps to classmates in the playground.

The best advice I was ever given is/was… what goes around, comes around.

For more information about PIE London, check out their website.