Six cheeses to try this week!

According to Stylist, the cheese and wine party is making a comeback! We’re all for any evening where mass amounts of cheese are consumed. In fact, we love cheese so much that we’ve hunted down some of the best cheeses on the market to help make your next party a bree-zy (sorry) affair. Enjoy! 

Extra delish on oat cakes!

Mull of Kintyre Cheddar
Mull of Kintyre‘s Scottish cheddar is absolutely gorgeous. Strong and moreish, it is everything that a classic cheddar should be. It’s particularly delish served on Scottish oat cakes with lashings of chutney. And honestly, everyone know you can’t beat something strong and Scottish. Phwoar.
Available at all good supermarkets.

Move over pasties, it’s time to recognise Cornwall for its excellent cheese!

Cornish Crackler, Davidstow
Cornish cheese king Davidstow‘s award winning Cornish Crackler is an extra mature cheddar which packs a punch. Its strong and slightly sweet flavour is a direct result of being aged for 19 months, which leaves it with the crystals characteristic of a ‘crackler’ cheddar. Enjoy with strong ales or port and eat with… pretty much anything. :)
Available at Tesco and Sainsbury’s. 


Yorkshire Fettle, Shepherds Purse Cheeses
Mix it up a little with some sheep’s cheese! Yorkshire Fettle is made from 100% ewe’s milk which makes it much creamier than its European contemporaries. It has a crumbly, delicate texture with a fresh lemony flavour. Yum. And best of all, it’s made by a little artisan cheese company in Yorkshire. Cute!
Available at supermarkets or online.

Delicious in dinners or on its own with bread!

French Goats Cheese
Goats cheese is absolutely brilliant stuff, and no one does it better than the French! Its versatility makes it a great cheese to keep in your fridge, and it can be added to lots of dishes (such as pizzas, roasted veggies, pasta sauces and more!). Check out our favourite dish, Goats Cheese on Rocket & Roasted Vegetables. Yum.
French goats cheese is available at most supermarkets and delicatessens! 

Perfect blue cheese for beginners!

Yorkshire Blue, Shepherds Purse Cheeses
Yorkshire Blue, from those lovely folk at Shepherds Purse, is made from 100% Yorkshire cow’s milk and is based on a continental style recipe highlighted by its soft, creamy texture. The recipe has been developed to give the cheese a unique buttery, sweet flavour with no sharp bite – perfect for blue cheese beginners!
Available at supermarkets or online.

A British classic!

No cheese feature would be complete without the quintessential British favourite, Stilton. Wickedly strong, it is the perfect companion to crackers and grapes and is also divine in soups! And if that wasn’t enough, it’s National Stilton Week in April (from 15th to 21st)! Hurrah!
Stilton is available pretty much everywhere. Look in your local supermarket’s cheese counter.


No forgetting the mango and ginger's getting a bit of a cult following!