Review: The BritPop Bakery

Peach Trees and Bumblebees, cake pop style! (photo by Jess)

What: BritPop Bakery, cakepop emporium
Where: here
When: 10.01.12
Price: £2 per pop / £22 per dozen

Rating: 5 stars  

Ever fancied cake but didn’t want to go the whole hog? Then a cake pop may be exactly what you’re looking for. Cake pops, unlike the often sickly cupcake, are the perfect hit of cakey joy. Sweetness in a couple of bites. And if you need a cakey fix, look no further than The BritPop Bakery.

The BritPop Bakery, founded by Jessica Williams in 2011, makes simply the best cake pops I’ve ever tasted. Their cake pops, which are fair trade and 100% organic, are light, moist and delicious. Covered in Green & Blacks chocolate instead of candy melts (‘orrible, chemically stuff), the cake pops are absolutely gorgeous to look at and taste divine. They even make bespoke designs (see our cake pops are little bumblebees on peach trees! Squee!) so they’re perfect as gifts or as table favours at events*. We were lucky enough to have some at AWOT in December, and they were enormously popular.

Squee! (photo by Jess)

Jessica makes all the cake pops from her own kitchen, so you know every pop is made with love and care. There are many flavours to choose from (mine were chocolate brownie!) and all are made with organic ingredients.

You can buy the cake pops online here. And really, I highly recommend you do.




* if you do have cake pops at your event, I recommend sneaking one into your handbag. They WILL go quickly.